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Energy Service Areas

Service Areas

At Ambit, we’re putting all our energy into providing the best possible energy value for our Customers, whether it be electricity or natural gas. But because we also want to provide that value for as many Customers as possible, we’re always growing into new markets.
To view the current Ambit Energy coverage map and list of service areas and providers for your state, just click on the map or state link below. Please check back often (as we said, we’re always growing).


No other state inspires us to follow our dreams and never give up like The Golden State of California.


Called the Constitution State, the Nutmeg State and “The Land of Steady Habits,” Connecticut is also called – by us, anyway – “The Land of Ambit.”


The First State can now make Ambit its first choice for energy supply.


Illinois has been home to Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and Barack Obama. Of almost equal historical significance, it’s also home to a good number of Ambit Customers.


Indiana is home to the Indy 500. We raced to make it the next state where we offer great service and even better value.


Maine is famous for its scenery, seafood and now, great energy rates. Learn more about how Ambit Energy is making Maine one of our main markets.


From landing at Plymouth Rock, celebrating the first Thanksgiving and making waves at the Boston Tea Party, few states represent our nation’s boldest achievements quite like Massachusetts.


Maryland officially became a state in 1776. It became an Ambit state a bit more recently (and we couldn’t be happier).

New Hampshire

Ambit can relate to the Granite State’s motto of “Live Free or Die.” After all, we live to provide you great value and the opportunity to earn Free Energy.

New Jersey

The New Jersey area was inhabited by Native Americans for more than 2,800 years. Today, it’s inhabited by happy Ambit Customers.

New York

There’s a lot more to New York than New York City – like Ambit Energy. That’s just one reason we heart this place.


More than 70% of the nation’s manufacturing capacity is located within a day’s drive of Ohio, making it a major engine of America’s—and Ambit’s—economic growth.


Did you know Pennsylvania is officially the “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?” Or that we’re trying to change it to the “Commonwealth of Ambit?”

Rhode Island

The smallest state in the U.S. rates large in Ambit’s book.


It’s true that everything is bigger in Texas – including Ambit. It’s our home state and our biggest market.


Virginia is for Lovers. Lovers who like to save on energy. 

Washington, D.C.

For a district that’s responsible for the nation’s biggest decisions, we’re glad more Washington, D.C. Customers are choosing Ambit Energy.

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