August 7, 2011

MIT discovers yet another way to harness solar power

MIT discovers yet another way to harness solar power

Posted on Friday, July 29, 2011 at 3:59:56 PM

MIT discovers yet another way to harness solar powerAdvancements in solar power technology have seen the use of crystalline silicon, thin films and transparent plastic as materials that can make up solar panels, but scientists have now developed one panel that is made from paper, the Los Angeles Times reports.
A new solar panel, no bigger or heftier than a sheet of printed paper, has been developed by a research team from MIT that has the potential to power an LCD clock display or other similar devices. The scientists hope the small panels will move the solar industry away from bulky and expensive installations towards smaller, more convenient options, according to the news source.
The technology uses special "inks" that are made from common elements, versus the expensive and toxic components that make up other solar cells, and can be deposited onto many forms of paper, such as tissue, tracing paper and newsprint, the news provider stated.
MIT engineers say the technology is cheaper than conventional methods, and could be attached to laptops or made into window shades or even clothing.
According to Bloomberg, the technology could be used to power an Ipad or similar devices, which could boost the market for paper-solar power up to $470 million by 2020.

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