July 21, 2012

Feature: energy efficient home

Feature: energy efficient home

Feature: energy efficient homeHomeowners in New Jersey and across the United States who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable earth by making their homes ultra-efficient can explore electricity providers in NJ for their renewable energy needs in their move to green.
In addition to making use of local renewable energy sources, homeowners can take inspiration from eco-conscious dwellings when designing their own sustainable residence. A home in Fairview, Tennessee was recently featured on USAToday.com, and is an example of taking green to the extreme. The Jeanty family's home design was planned by Phillippe Jeanty himself, using the Google application Sketchup, which is a 3D modeling program that was originally designed for use by architects and professionals in related fields.
Renewable Energy World reported that the home has been completed with a 9.4 kilowatt solar system, an evacuated tube solar heating system for a water heater, local springs to supply the home with usable water and LED lighting. The home was furthermore positioned purposefully on an East-West axis to provide for ideal conditions that naturally assist insulation and heating systems. The house is equipped with a geothermal heating and cooling system under the wood floors. The family further "greened" their home by holding onto any wood or fixtures from their previous home and reusing them in the construction of their ultimate green energy home.

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