October 16, 2012

Dear Friends ad family

Dear, friends and family 
you are aware that for the past year  I've been marketing energy for a company called Viridian energy right here in the Northeast. We have quickly become the 5th largest retailer of energy in the country. You all have a right in a deregulated market to choose cleaner more affordable energy. Viridian is the RIGHT choice. I would really appreciate your help by you becoming my customer. In the next few years everyone will choose 3rd party energy! By choosing Viridian you get to help me, support the environment, help the local economy and save money! And it's FREE to do and you receive the same bill from your utility. Please go to my site http://www.vpurpose.com  and watch the 3 minute video. I would really be grateful.....call me if you need help signing up! You want to get set up to save before the winter months roll in David Fernandes 781-244-4778 

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