October 11, 2012

Green Rankings winners do more than switch electricity

Green Rankings winners do more than switch electricity

Posted on Friday, September 28, 2012 at 4:09:46 PM

Green Rankings winners do more than switch electricityFor the last few years, Newsweek has been publishing its list of the most environmentally friendly organizations, those that go the extra mile to use green energy and switch operations to more eco-conservative measures, creating a competitive landscape for businesses. In order to rank up on the list, some businesses are making a final push to increase their standings.
Daily Finance wrote that Sprint is working on building more green initiatives and making these programs public, earning more attention for its clean programs. The company is making 100 percent recycled devices available for purchase, as well as pushing its customers to bring unused electronics back to stores for that purpose. The company has previously earned accolades from the EPA for this drive, as the company is making a dent in the over 2 million tons of electronics sent to landfills every year.
This shows how tough it is to move up in the Green Rankings list, as The Daily Beast wrote. Simply adding more green energy to power portfolios is not enough - businesses must challenge themselves to find ways of cutting costs, reducing waste and making cleaner operations. In this case, the winning company not only gains more public attention and prestige, but the environment wins as well.

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