December 1, 2012


Kentucky high school radio station implements solar power
Green energy solutions are increasingly finding themselves incorporated into various daily processes. Residential and commercial properties are having their lights, heat and technology powered with the of the sun. Corbin High School's radio station is now broadcasting over the wavelengths using solar energy.

WYMT TV reports that the high school, located in Corbin, Kentucky, was able to make the switch to solar energy thanks to a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission for $10,000. Now, brand new solar panels will begin to collect the sun's energy to power the 100 watt transmitter needed for the school's radio station.

Teachers claim that the introduction of solar energy for the radio station is just one move the school is making to include green energy technology and sustainable solutions into the educational facility. Promoting sustainability at a high school may get students thinking about the consequences of their energy use and the energy solution solar and other renewable sources offer.

Students are encouraged to learn about solar energy, according to the news source, and how it integrates with the broadcasting system.
"I've never seen any solar power around here, especially since we're in such a coal area, and since you can run something like this from solar energy is just awesome," student Tanner Broughton, told the news source.
The integration of solar panels into the radio tower required special hookups.
"We do want to make some hard connections to the electric back-up there just to make sure, but at this point the batteries are now fully charged and we're ready to go solar," radio station manager David Colvin, told the news source.
Officials and faculty at Corbin High School are hopeful that solar energy will soon be incorporated into the school's science curriculum, reports WYMT TV.

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