June 5, 2013

Sustainability education promoting renewable energy around the country

Sustainability education promoting renewable energy around the country

Sustainability education promoting renewable energy around the countryThe government and businesses in recent years have been doing more and more about renewable energy and sustainability. But individual citizens take up the mantle, too, and plenty of outlets this summer will be offering education and opportunity for the average person who wants to increase his or her green efforts.
Farmers Market offering customers opportunity
Farmers markets are a staple of the green lifestyle, a beloved regular opportunity for the organic believer. And in Oregon this week, one farmer's market will be doing its best to make sure its customers understand organic best practices.
The Cedar Mill Farmer's Market will be holding its third annual Sustainability Fair on Saturday, according to the Beaverton Leader. The fair will include over a dozen organizations that will come together to support and educate on green living, including Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition, Zipcar and Habitat for Humanity.
Dean Moberg is co-chairman of the Conservation, Us, and the Environment committee of the Terra Linda Neighborhood Association, who organizes the fair. He spoke to the Beaverton Leader about the purposes of the event, which tries to help the farmers markets' customers learn new ways to live green, whether big or small.
"We believe in giving people the information to act," Moberg told the Leader.
New Jersey community college offering classes on sustainability
In the common imagination, New Jersey may bring to mind images of its famous turnpike or the muscular and hair-gelled patrons of its shore. But in reality the state is a player in sustainability, and one of its community colleges will be taking an opportunity this summer to educate students on a greener lifestyle.
The Cape May County Herald reports that Atlantic Cape Community College will have an assortment of "green" classes this summer. The college, which has about 6500 students, will begin the first offerings on June 21.
The first class is called "Green Building Today!" and, according to the Herald, "provides an in-depth overview of the design and construction of Green High Performance Buildings." Other offerings include LEED for Green Associate PLUS, which will prepare students for the Green Building Certification Institute's LEED for Green Associate exam. Also offered will be Solar Professional Certification, beginning July 29, which will give students training on photovoltaic installation.
Because with the sun sure to be shining bright in the coming months, there's no better time to look into solar power and sustainability.

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