October 13, 2015

Network Marketing And Football: They Go Hand In Hand

Network Marketing And Football: They Go Hand In Hand

Posted on Wednesday, October 07, 2015 at 7:21:17 AM
It's Sunday at 1:00. The Jets are about to take the field. You and your family have your favorite drinks in hand, a smorgasbord of food on the coffee table and your game faces on.
That's right—it's football season, and you and your family live for this.
The thing is, the vast majority of your network marketing downteam live for NFL Sundays, too. So when Sunday rolls around, you can bet that just about all of your team members and future team members will be doing the exact same thing in their own living rooms or at their favorite local bars.
So this presents a tremendous opportunity for you to fire up your warm market by opening up your living room and inviting other Associates—and their contacts—over for some Sunday afternoon football.
Here are some of the main benefits to doing this:
Grow together: Let's face it—the NFL season is a marathon, not a sprint. Each NFL team (and fantasy football player) has their ups and downs. By gathering week in and week out to watch football, you will live through these highs and lows together. You'll cheer with them when they're up, and you'll pick them up when they're down. Sports present an ideal opportunity for group bonding, and additional dialogue during the week.
Strengthen friendships: Even more important than gathering together to watch football, hosting NFL Sundays at your house is a way to keep the group loose, friendly and communicating with each other. Team members will realize that they have others to rely on when they are experiencing tough times, and that they're not in network marketing alone.
Bring new ideas to life: Great ideas can come at unexpected moments while watching sports. For example, you may watch Peyton Manning—a master of audible plays—rearrange a play at the line of scrimmage before the snap and then strike up a conversation about strategically changing your strategy during a conversation with a new customer. Football, after all, is a game of innovation and teams are constantly restructuring their game plans in order to gain a competitive edge.
Demonstrate your leadership: As the leader of your downteam, you're like the coach standing on the sidelines. It's up to you to make sure everyone is up to speed with their businesses, and performing at the level they are capable of.  While watching football, you can take individual members aside during halftime or commercial breaks, do gut checks and ensure that they are all up to speed with what they are supposed to be doing. Likewise, after the final whistle blows and your team gets up to go home, you can bring the team together for a group huddle, speak some words of encouragement and remind everyone about their immediate responsibilities moving forward.
Of course, you don't have to do any of these things. You would be perfectly fine watching the rest of the NFL season with your family, without your downteam around. But in doing so, you wouldn't be maximizing your own group's potential. And in order to get ahead in network marketing, you need to set the bar high and continuously strive to be better.
So with that being said, we encourage all of you to play host and make NFL Sundays can't-miss events at your house. You will strengthen your personal relationships, and in doing so, excite your downteam about selling more.
And did we mention it's a lot of fun? 


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