September 29, 2011

You can Make A DIFFERENCE check out Carbon Calculator

The Viridian difference is the quality of the electricity that we deliver to our customers. Because our electricity exceeds the renewable standards of all states, you will be getting greener electricity no matter which option you choose. The calculator below shows the impact you can make simply by switching to Viridian Energy for one year.
The average pounds of carbon emitted per kilowatt hour of electricity used varies by state.
If you know your average monthly kilowatt hour usage, enter it here:

(936 kW h is the national average monthly kilowatt hour usage)


Based on your state and your average monthly kilowatt hour usage, this is your household's average carbon emissions per year (in pounds).
With Viridian, you have two options. Our Everyday Green product delivers 20% renewable energy, while our Pure Green option ensures your electricity comes from 100% renewable sources, making an even greater environmental impact. By switching to Viridian for only one year, your personal impact will be:

Avoiding carbon emissions bypounds
sequestered by

tree seedlings grown for 10 years
CO2 emissions avoided by not consuminggallons of gasoline!

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