September 27, 2011

Deregulation of energy

Deregulation of energy 

About Deregulation
Since it began in the late 1990s, deregulation of energy has created opportunity throughout the marketplace.
Deregulation allows consumers to choose where they buy their power, much as they can choose their long-distance company. This choice creates a competitive marketplace in which each energy company is working to provide the best product. Creating competition drives prices down and improves quality.

Our product

Viridian Energy is proud to stand out among its competitors by offering an affordable product that meets or exceeds the proposed 2020 federal environmental goal of 20% renewable energy.

It's safe and reliable energy

Under deregulation, each part of your energy service is broken down into separate pieces that are provided by different companies. Delivery of the electricity to your home as well as all necessary service is still provided by your utility, making it possible for you to still have safe and reliable electricity in your home. Electric suppliers like Viridian are licensed by state and federal agencies and are not in competition with the local utility. The local utility does not make any money on the energy, only on the delivery and service of electricity, so the utility company supports customers who choose to switch suppliers. We provide greener energy to the grid and your utility delivers that energy to your home or business. It's that simple. All this adds up to a perfect reason for you to exercise your choice to select the best supplier for your electricity.

It's up to you

Deregulation means you can shop around to find the product that's best for you. You have a choice. Why wouldn't you make the choice that saves you money and helps the environment? You can make a difference for your family and the environment with Viridian Energy MA.

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