June 23, 2012

Beat the heat without becoming an energy hog

Beat the heat without becoming an energy hog

Beat the heat without becoming an energy hog
Sustainability can be especially difficult for individuals who face temperatures upward of 100 degrees during the summer months. However, there are ways to stay cool in the face of a hot, humid summer without using excessive electricity along the way.
By timing air flow into a home, individuals can keep their abodes much more livable. Grist recommends individuals block heat from their home by putting light- and air-blocking covers over windows and areas that the heat seeps into - even blinds and thick curtains can work. Yahoo! recommends lighter colored curtains, as these help to reflect the light out. Once the sun has set and the cooler temperatures have come back, throw open the covers to let the cool air in.
Opening cabinets and large shelves will also let the house take in a bit more cool air, as these open areas will easily trap heat throughout the day.
Commuters who face extreme heat for half an hour or more may want to wet their shirt before going to work, according to Grist. Although it may sound crazy, if the temperature is high, the shirt will be dry before getting to work, and the individual will stay much cooler along the way. 

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