June 19, 2012

Viridian Energy Fundraising Program

Fundraising Program

The Viridian Fundraising Program offers an innovative way for organizations to raise funds without over-burdening their members. The program is simple and is a true win-win situation enabling charitable organizations to raise funds without ever asking for money.

How You Earn Money:

By signing up as a fundraising entity, you are able to help members of your organization save money by switching their energy supplier to Viridian. As they do, you earn money for your organization. From day one, you earn a residual check each month for every active customer you refer. All your members have to do is use greener more affordable electricity at their home or business. It's that simple. You get to help your members and Associates make a better energy choice for themselves... they SAVE money all while helping you EARN money!
Many types of charitable organizations and fundraising entities can benefit from the Program. Some of the ones that have benefited through working with Viridian include:
  • Churches and Synagogues
  • Private and Religious Schools
  • Sports Teams
  • Charities and Foundations
  • Volunteer and Community Service Organizations
  • Parent Associations
  • School Groups

In order to qualify for program participation, your organization must have a membership base that currently receives electrical service in one of our active markets 
David Fernandes 

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