August 4, 2012

Join us At the Cambridge Innovation Center

Dear friends,                                               
Dear conscious minds!                                               

You are invited to the Cambridge Innovation Center to attend an event: "Educating on a greener solutions". The workshop presented by Viridian Company which offers high-quality and affordable renewable energy products that are better for the environment.

Many states have already adopted Renewable Portfolio Standards, which require electricity suppliers and utilities to source a minimum amount of their electricity from clean energy sources.

Viridian exceeds this requirement by at least 20% in each state in which they operate.

Viridian Sustainability Initiative is a pledge to empower customers and associates to take part in Viridinan's mission to improve the world and the communities in which we live. The Initiative provides resources and opportunities for service and involvement in many projects targeted to protect and preserve our world.

Many of our members already joined Viridian, and will be glad to greet you and share their experiences.

Two guests speakers are coming from NY and NJ:
Johnny LoPresto and Louis Di Donato. 

During this workshop you will learn about greener electricity and affordable prices, and how to start a business that creates long-term residual income, and of course, meet like-minded people, and make new friends!

PS Free attendance.
When you will arrive to CIC at the main lobby, please state that you are going to visit Europeans In Boston, a workshop in HAVANA ROOM, 4 TH FLOOR.  

1 Broadway & 3rd street Cambridge MA 02142

Seat's Will go fast
David Fernandes

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