August 22, 2012

Sustainability could be great for education

Sustainability could be great for education

Sustainability could be great for educationEveryone wants to see their kids get the best education possible, and that could result in greater environmental sustainability for schools, according to The Guardian. The news source said the U.K. Department of Education's Framework for the National Curriculum report aims to promote the understanding of sustainability and stewardship of local resources as well as helping personal development so each student can be more balanced and healthy moving forward.
"Children and young people growing up and attending school today will become the business leaders of the future, people who will have to tackle environmental and social issues on a level that is currently unrecognized or at least swept under the carpet," The Guardian said. "It is a huge challenge but one that other nations are addressing and one that our current government needs to square up to."
The report said the agency believes education should be stressing personal development to allow students to have a greater understanding of their surrounding world.
Adding to this, The Guardian said the business case for this is that children who develop an appreciation for sustainable practices in school have more potential for achievement and should have more key skills that could be useful when they get into the business world.

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